Encapsulated “O” Ring (PFA/FEP)

FEP/PFA Encapsulated 'O'-Rings and Seals We are Supplying FEP/PFA Encapsulated 'O'-Rings and Seals globally.

We have the capacity to produce virtually any cross-section and diameter size or shape of seals, backed by a Stock Guarantee on the most common items and a short lead time on the rest. Carefully monitored in-house production and multiple levels of electronic inspection ensure high product quality and reliability.

Benefits of Encapsulated 'O'-Rings and Seals

• Exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals and gas permeability
• Cost efficient alternative to Kalrez® and similar fluoroelastomer 'O'Rings
• Low coefficient of friction allowing reduced wear of equipment
• Adaptive sealing force of an elastomeric 'O'-Ring
• Resistant to compression set/cold flow issues of solid 'O'-Rings