Value Added Silicon Hose

Color Coded Hose:
Silicone hose like Imafit is available with variety of color lining on outermost surface for identification.

Laser Printing on Tri-Clovers for Lot Identification:
Customized printing can be done like name of fuid, lot no., equipment no. can be printed on Tri-Clovers

Colored Outer Layered Hose:
Silicone hose outermost layer can be color coded for identification purpose.

Sandwich Printing Technology:
Fine layer of platinum silicone is applied over printed hose. It is permanent method of printing which avoids direct contact of ink.

Silicone Bend Hose:
Silicone hose Available with Outer SS 304 covering Double polyester braided silicone Hose for extra reinforcement