Silicone Platinum Cured Tubing

Standard silicone tubing In our extrusion plant, we can produce any dimensions up to an outer diameter of 190mm. With this wide production ability, we can produce the desired cross-section for any customer requirement. Standard silicone tubing is produced with a Shore hardness of between 30° and 90°. On request, the tubing can be tinted in any RAL colour. The compounds used for the tubing are vulcanised using a peroxide or a platinum cure. Various licenses are possible for our basic tubing compounds:

High-performance, extended-life, platinum-cured silicone tubing formulation specifically designed for demanding peristaltic pump applications. Its superior flex life characteristics reduce potential production downtime due to pump tubing failure. Our Tube has an extremely smooth inner surface that helps minimize the risk of particle entrapment during sensitive fluid transfer.

Lasts up to five times longer than other platinum silicone tubing

• Minimal extractables help maintain fluid integrity
• Ultra-smooth inner bore reduces potential particle entrapment
• Documented bio-compatibility for sensitive applications
• Excellent fluid flow characteristics
• Taste-free and odor-free
• Meets USP Class VI and FDA criteria.